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    Document/Information Capture Services

    From Legal, Business, Personal Papers Scanned and Converted to Word,  JPEG,  and PDF. Book Scanning and Publishing, Historical Records , Photographic Scanning. Microfilm Scanning.

    On Demand Scanning. Bring your document to this office for scanning and email or cloud delivery. Appointment Scheduling Required.  

    Bringing The Past Into The Future

    • Bringing the Past into the Future has been an ongoing theme for Digital Scanning  since 1993 when we first starting scanning microfilm. 
    • Since then we have worked with
    • Libraries and Universities.
    • Publishers - Scanning of back-listed titles
    • Self published authors helping them republish titles for POD (Print on Demand)
    • Historical Societies- Records, Books and Photographs
    • Law Firms scanning legal case files
    • Business Documents
    • Family Genealogy and History
    • Short Run Book Printing for Special Events 
    • On Demand Scanning. Overnight your documents to this office for scanning and email  or cloud delivery.


    • Converted 900 Books to Electronic Form for Print on Demand
    • Worked with the Smithsonian Astrophysics Laboratory Scanning Astronomical Journals
    • Science Fiction Publisher scanning backlist titles for eBook formatting
    • Worked with Local Attorneys scanning case files and financial records.
    • Scanned family genealogical records
    • Converted Microfilm based census records for economic reserach

    Each scanning project is different. Please call or email with a brief outline of your document types so we can reccomend the best course of action as well as various output formats.


    The best way to contact DSI is via email. info@wap.nbracking.com.cn  Office hours are variable and it is best to contact us using the form below with a brief project description so we can start  a conversation. We will reply within 24 hours with additional questions.

    Format and File Types

    TIFF     ?    ?                                ?Book Scanning



    Color Scanning

    PDF formats

    Word output

    OCR - Optical Character Recognition

    Business Document Scanning

    Legal Document

    Text Searchable

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